Collaborative document management

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Access your intranet from everywhere, at any time.

With IntraDoc, your intranet is accessible everywhere, at work, at home and on travel. IntraDoc works on computers and tablets.

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Share documents with your colleagues and partners.

Always stay informed on the new documents with the instant notification system. Share your point of view by leaving comment on files, and view the news and upcomign events of your team.

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Easy to administrate

Easily decide who access what.

With an easy interface decide who can read, who can collaborate and who cannot access specific area of your intranet. 

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  • File versioning.
  • Instant notification.
  • Comment documents.
  • Manage access rights.
  • Easy to use.
  • Share documents

How our clients use IntraDoc

"We recently got the ISO 9001 certification and IntraDoc simplified our quality document management. The file versioning and the notifications addressed our two main concerns, keeping track of the changes and informing collaborators."

"Centralizing documents for projects with partners can be tedious. We used IntraDoc to store all the files related to the project, and we appreciate the possibility to restrict access of some areas.

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