Collaborative document management

IntraDoc, more than an intranet

What are the advantages of an IntraDoc site compared to a directory structure on a server ?

A directory structure can be difficult to define access rights; with Intradoc you do that in a matter of few clicks. You do not depend on your server administrator. In addition, with IntraDoc you can easily manager file versioning and find who modified a file, when, and why !

IntraDoc also has the advantage of being a web page, meaning you can add content to the page with an easy-to-use editor, so important informations are directly visible, without opening a document.

IntraDoc is also availabe from everywhere, so you can access documents from home or when you travel.

I already have a folder based structure with my documents, do I have to upload all files one by one ?

No, we provide a free tool to upload all your structure to a new IntraDoc site, you select the folder and the tool will create the corresponding structure on the site and upload all the files in the correct place

What is the instant notification  system?

When someone subscribe to a page, he will get instant notification about the documents that are added or updated in the page he subscribed too. This improved the communication about the changes on the documents.

Are my documents secured ?

Yes !
First they are secured because we have automatic backup of all the files in three different locations. Everything is backuped every day, and your new documents are backuped within 30 minutes of their upload on the server.

In addition, IntraDoc uses an https website, so information that transit from and to the server are encrypted.

Is it possible to try IntraDoc to see if it meet my needs ?

Yes, you can try IntraDoc for free for 60 days, you dont have to provide any credit card or any specific information. At the end of the period, you are free to decide if you want to continue or not.

Is it possible to share a document with a user that do not have access to the site ?

Yes, for some specific scenario, you can share a specific document with someone that do not have an account. In that case IntraDoc will generate a link with a unique complex url, that you can send to the user. The limitation in that case is that everybody who receive the link can see the document.

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